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Personal Data Security

When you use this site for activities to buy or sell tickets or contact our customer service, you will be asked for personal data which can be in the form of name, email address or cellphone number. You have the freedom to give or not provide the data. But if you choose to continue interacting with this site, you are required to provide this data so that we can serve you.

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Event Data Security

If you register yourself or your group as an Event Organizer on this site (, then you agree that Movintix can store, process, or scan your event data. The event data includes but is not limited to the name and description of the event, schedule, poster image, information about the Event Organizer, ticket arrangements and the results of ticket sales. Movintix uses the event data to serve and support your event ticket sales activities. Movintix can also use your event data for taxation purposes in accordance with applicable legislation. Movintix will not sell or disclose your event data to other companies or other users of the Movintix site.